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innoeops - Human Capital Management System

Business owners want to concentrate on increasing revenue & profits. Routine but important activities like recruitment, onboarding, checking payroll, following up on statutory compliances and monitoring employee performance take their time away from concentrating on their business goals. innoeops HCM automates end to end human capital management seamlessly and frees up quality time to grow your business & provides key decision making data points to increase your profits.                                                                                                                                   


innoeops - HR & Payroll for Facility Management Services Business

innoeops HR & Payroll for Facility Management Services Business is specially designed to meet the operational needs of facility management services businesses. It manages employees or contractors, who work for multiple clients in multiple location in a month and generates payroll. innoeops FMS – HR & Payroll easily maintains a record of shift assignment, employee location, customer assignment and rates, simplifying onboarding, salary calculation and statutory compliance.


innoeops - ERP

Apart from being a comprehensive HCM solution, innoeops ERP, provides you tools for Customer Relationship Management and Vendor Management. With VMS track all your orders, payables and gain valuable efficiency. You, thus, gets, all the advantages of an ERP system, without having to spend as much money.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Key Features

RMS-Payroll Integration

Recruitment Management System and Payroll are integrated when an offer is released to candidate. This ensures the CTC definition is in sync across both the modules. Automated offer releasing process to increase candidate joining rate.

RMS-HRM Integration

RMS integrates with Human Resource Management module to onboard the new joinee as an employee on the date of joining.This ensures the candidate informations is in sync across both modules. Guest login for new joinees before they are onboarded into HRM.

Data Migration

Existing employee & payroll data migration templates & scripts are available to enable fast onboarding of customer organization into our software. Offline data import feature for Attendance, Leave & Tax declarations.

Automated Onboarding

Employee onboarding is completely an automated process which includes agreement signing, registering employee information, employee asset assignment & fulfilment and induction training.

Letters & Agreements

Letters and Agreements required for managing employees can be configured as per each organization needs.

Bulk Processing

Our software enables bulk processing for employee agreements, reporting structure and assets.

Alert Configuration

Email & SMS alerts required for managing employees, vendors, candidates can be configured as per each organization needs.

Audit Trail

Change log which maintains audit trail of critical data changes done by users.


File your returns for TDS, PF and ESI with our software. Get reminders along with due dates for filing of TDS, PF and ESI to avoid interest and penalty charges.

Online Help

Find an answer to your query with our contextual online help feature across all modules of our software.

Business Continuity

Go to market fast and keep your business up 24 x 7 by leveraging the power of cloud with zero investment on IT infrastructure, maintenance and disaster recovery.

SaaS Model

Saas eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning maintenance and software licensing. Plugin & pay per user or usage.

Bio-metric Attendance

Our mobile app provides an inexpensive solution for accurate attendance collection. No need of expensive hardware, easy to use, portable and seamlessly integrates with your payroll process. Existing bio-metric device can be integrated with our software to capture attendance seamlessly.

Geo Tracking of Field Force

Track your field force and know where they are at all times without extra hardware.

Payroll Outsourcing

While you concentrate on your core business, we will manage your payroll process. No more worries about payroll software, statutory compliance and deadlines. We will process your payroll and provide easy to read reports and the Enet file for payments. We can provide specialized help and our specialist are available for your assistance.

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